About Us

About Platinum Canary Agency

Platinum Canary is a real estate agency focused on providing services to our foreign clients from different coutries. We have been operating in Tenerife since 2014 and offer selling and buying apartments, villas, lands or development projects.  We also offer renting apartments, mediated accommodation, comprehensive legal services and much more. 


Our services:

- Selling and Buying properties

- Property Management 

- Processing of necessary documentation

- Legal services

- Rental of properties, Holiday Rental 

- Interior design and reconstructions

- Financing of properties and mortgage in Spain

- Bank repossession options


Tenerife, your second home

Do you have free funds and are you thinking where to invest them? Buy a property in Tenerife, the safest holiday destination and the most visited of the Canary Islands. You can have here your "second home" and come back to this charming place for the sun, beaches and the beautiful nature.


Why invest with us?

In today's fast and hectic times, people have plenty of opportunities to invest in a variety of bonds, funds where you get pay annual interest. However, not all of these investments are safe, about 30% of investment in financial products goes bankrupt today and people lose their hard earned money. We offer a solution, invest safe - invest with us in Tenerife! We can help you with all necessary documentation, financing options and also legal service. 


What can you do with your property?

You can enjoy your holiday with the family in your new home and once you're not here in Tenerife, we can provide you with a complete property rental service. Return on investment in your second home can be up to 15 % in 1 year.


Want more information? Contact us and let's your dream come true in Tenerife!