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Thursday, 11 November 2021

For travellers and lovers of the Canary Islands

- Tourist law

- Real estate law and real estate cadastre

- Horizontal law

- Mortgage law

- The timeshare constitution

- Fellowship of owners

- Tourist, civil, commercial law

- Electronic contracts

- Real estate and commercial due diligence

- Cancellation of timeshare contracts

- Advice on tourism investment

- Company law

- Consulting and establishment of civil and commercial companies.

- Processing of tourist registrations, all types of facilities.

- Legalization and property management: purchase, sale and lease

- Consulting in the field of sales and rental.

- Negotiation and drafting of contracts

- Civil, commercial and labor disputes

- Auctions

- Competition law, industrial and intellectual property

- Quantities, insurance and damages.

- AI, artificial intelligence and new technologies.

- Inheritance and inheritance law.

- Establishment of a company in the preferential zone of the Canary Islands

- Divorce law


The "Especial Canarias" is a special Canary zone, which is not considered a tax haven because it is approved directly by the tax office of the European Union. That is, it is completely legitimate.

In order to have a company in the ZEC zone, you must meet several conditions. You must invest more than EUR 100,000 in real estate in Tenerife and you must have at least 5 permanent employees. If you get a company in the ZEC zone, then you have a tax credit for 20 years and you pay only 4% tax and do not pay dividend taxes.

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